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soap 24th May 2016 08:27 PM

Tax Compliance and Car Lease
My company has changed the company car lease policy from this financial year onwards due to some 'tax rules'.

- We can avail car lease only in month of April
- We have 75-25 or 80-20% option only. Earlier we had 99-1%

Can someone please throw some light on the new 'tax rules' or 'tax compliance'?

CasualSurfer 31st May 2017 10:04 AM

Re: Tax Compliance and Car Lease
Pls get in touch with 'manuman' in the forum. He should be able to give you good advice on car lease.

soap 17th June 2017 08:19 AM

Re: Tax Compliance and Car Lease
@harishankar @manuman

With the introduction of GST does company leased cars hold the same advantage over cars taken on loan

shankarcps 19th March 2018 05:01 PM

Re: Tax Compliance and Car Lease
Hello ,

I am planning to take Car lease from my employer . The Lease Company is ORIX . Interest Rate is 9.9% . No Preclosure Penalty . Difference in Ex-Showroom to On-Road amount would be taken care by company , i mean the Road tax + Registration and Insurance . Also they renew Insurance every year of the lease . F&M is re-imbursed (non taxable) . ITC(Input Tax Credit given). R.V is 20to23% (+GST applicable)

Should i take or not . Any suggestion would help me deciding

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