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revvhard 2nd October 2017 02:21 PM

Sadly I'm Seventeen. Waiting To Be Eighteen
Hello to all who reads my introduction
warning:It is going to be long
So the affair started when i was five, yes i call it a affair. When i was five years old i started asking about cars from my dad as he was the only one who would answer my each and every question but dad always got annoyed from my questions about cars so i reduced asking questions but never stopped. I am a student who always sits on the front bench alone because my friends think i am an idiot always talking about cars and bikes but they know they can't say it on my face as they will regret may be all boys will understand here. I always sit on the back seat of my car and observe the foot movements of my dad which helped me learn to drive very easily.
I am a diesel head i love the sound of diesel engines, the grunt in them i even love the vibrations of them.I think i am an inherited car enthusiast as my father maintains his cars meticulously For record my Dad drove a diesel Indica 2001 model for 200000 lac kms on stock clutch and stock what not and it was maintained by our friendly mechanic and in 2011 Dad upgraded to Bolero BSIV it was the first BSIV mdel on road but at the mahindra showroom i instantly fell in love with the XUV500 and Dad drove Bolero 35000 kms in 3 years and without a scratch on car and now due to financial problems Dad has downgraded to Wagon R cng in 2016 and has driven 70000 + kms on it on stock clutch and stock tyres all is covered in inter city drives
but Delhi has not been very merciful to the car and it has fair share of dings and scratches and from 20000 kms it is maintained by our friendly mechanic he has been serving to us for more than 15 years i think.
I love nature and going anywhere by road especially long trips, i love to do whatever i can from electrician, plumbing,cooking, to etc yes i am no expert but i think we should know how to perform a particular job so that we are not dependent on anybody
3 years back i came to know the truth of my life as an eye opener that i am not an idiot or alien i am an automotive enthusiast, yes this was the happiest moment of my life that i was not a weirdo and it all happened due to team bhp but registering there is more difficult than my exams i think[frustration] but i was continous reader there and slowly the love for cars extended to bikes and now after registering on a biking forum and an automotive forum i can think i can sleep peacefully[sleep].
So you might be thinking why i am sad i am seventeen or you must probably know as you have experienced this i want to be eighteen ASAP and have a license so that i can be legal to ride and drive.
Currently i am studing in class XII and reside in Delhi and own a humble 2016 Wagonr and a 2017 splendor i smart
I love to revv the engine thats why i kept my name revvhard and i wish to own an
BMW 530d and an XUV in my garage and rest depends on god.
Hopefully i have covered everything but i think some bits are left as i am doing some other work also while writing this on other hand sorry for taking a lot of time[roll]
Pardon me for my mistakes as i am a rookie.

Vishwas 2nd October 2017 02:39 PM

Re: Sadly i am seventeen waiting to be eighteen
Hello revvhard,

Welcome to

That intro of your's is well written and We're shocked to hear the Indica running in stock clutch for 2lacs kms! that's great, you have found your homeland of autos at our website indeed and we wish you a pleasant stay. Happy foruming and please let us know in case you need assistance from the team.

Nevertheless to mention about your acquisitions in the form of ownership threads!

revvhard 3rd October 2017 07:03 AM

Re: Sadly I'm Seventeen. Waiting To Be Eighteen
Addition to the intro reconfirmed from my dad Indica ran more than 2 lac kms as the odo wire got snapped or something like that and we had to sell it as he is the only driver in our house and i had insisted him to keep Indica as it had fond memories with me i still miss the comfort of this car and dad sold it for mere Rs 60000 and in 2015 we bought a pre owned Ritz VDI which we sold after 1 and a half year and clocking around 15000 kms in 10 months and 1.3 ddis is a stonker of a diesel engine we had to sell as it was standing for around 6 months nobody used it so i just popped the idea of selling as i was not feeling good for the baby as it was not used as i had expected and sold it within a month.
Thanks Vijay sir for the warm welcome.

bhvm 3rd October 2017 03:22 PM

Re: Sadly I'm Seventeen. Waiting To Be Eighteen
welcome revvhard!
your story is quite nostalgic. I have already achieved Xuv 500, 530d comes next ( not soon though).

have a pleasant stay at the forums!

vijay 3rd October 2017 04:24 PM

Re: Sadly I'm Seventeen. Waiting To Be Eighteen
Welcome on board Rohan and have a pleasant stay here.Looking forward to hear more about your rides at home.Get familiar with the regulation board and ask for any assistance from our team when needed.

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