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Akash1886 24th September 2017 12:06 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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With the debut of Renault's Captur, Reporter Saab too made his debut at the Official Media Drive for T.A.I @ GOA. Observations on the car shall follow very soon[:)]



Sakthivel Rajendran 24th September 2017 12:16 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!

Originally Posted by acechip (Post 549289)
I am quite disappointed with the half-baked product that Renault has hastily cooked up in the face of the Jeep onslaught. Renault seems to think that they can charge a premium just for external looks and retain the Duster engines, which is a common norm in a mature market like Europe for instance. But in India, consumers weigh everything for their rupees worth. And if he is getting the same engines as the Duster for 3 lac more, he sure isnt going to be happy, never mind whether he is actually able to utilize the extra horses or the torque ever in the car's lifetime. To add to that are the relatively anti-climactic interiors, that simply don't gel with the stylish exteriors. Renault should have pretty much changed the car inside out, instead of giving the Duster like touchscreen and hard plastics. They worked for the Duster,but wont work for a car launched in 2017.
A wasted opportunity, in my opinion. They could have done so much more!

The upcoming 2019 Duster looks more upmarket with better interiors. In Europe they can price it differently since Duster belongs to Dacia, which itself is budget brand like Datsun & Daihatsu. Hence difference in pricing is justified. In India both the cars are sold under the same umbrella with identical mechanicals, wheelbase and electronics( infotainment & Auto climate control). No practical improvements(space & legroom) over Duster but demanding a premium for built & design cannot not be justified.

Akash1886 24th September 2017 05:11 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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We attended the Official Media Drive of Renault Captur in Goa this weekend. First I'll share the pics of unveiling ceremony. All the pics & videos related to media drive are ©

Akash1886 24th September 2017 05:18 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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ticken 24th September 2017 05:28 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
I am afraid the Captur is destined for a similar fate like the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross (August sales figure of S-Cross were very poor)
The same old looking touchscreen head unit looks the same as in the entry-level Kwid and to the Duster, Lodgy even though the one on the Captur might come equipped with Andriod Auto and Apple Car play.
Pricing wise if the Captur does not undercuts its prime rival the Creta, than its dead on arrival for sure.
Looks wise, i hate crossovers. And the Captur didn't impress me (Looks are highly subjective so no offense).I would still pick the Duster at a lesser price than the Captur or even the S-Cross.
If i have the budget of under 20 Lakhs, i would rather pick a Creta, XUV500 or the Compass. Honestly speaking, The Captur confuses me.
Not Offering Automatic Transmission is another miss i hate. Wish Maruti Suzuki comes up with AT for the Vitara Brezza and S-Cross.
Lets wait and watch what the Captur can do for Renault India's sales figures. I guess it will have below 1K sales roughly.
I loved the Alloys of the Captur though

Akash1886 24th September 2017 05:30 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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kkn13 24th September 2017 07:40 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
Maybe I was a bit harsh in my previous comment, the exteriors are a great job and they have played well with the well established Duster platform
Interiors, other than the front fascia , touch screen and AC knobs, everything else looks great especially the metal door handles on the inside
I hope they give it a good non-AMT AT for the diesel if they are gonna price it higher than Duster

Akash1886 25th September 2017 12:00 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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We had the Captur yesterday with us. The Unveiling and Drive Observations of mine are hereby listed. The car is expected to launch during Diwali. Here you go:

* For me its the most modern looking Renault till now.

* Front profile looks aggressive.

* Side profile looks more like an MPV

* Rear profile looks clean and elegant.

* Headlamps look fab even when lit in daytime. At night they look really awesome.

* DRLs are powerful

* LED tail lamps look nice too.

* No over load of chrome on the exteriors.

* There is panel gap between the hood and the radiator grill. Looks as if the hood is not closed properly. Basically a design flaw.

* Alloys are 17inch in top spec. The design looks neat and elegant.

* The Orange/Red Color looks quite beautiful in real.

* The White color with the contrast roof also looks nice.

* In the interiors, Plastic quality is needing more improvement and the appeal factor should be more in comparison to the competition. As of their own products, yes, Captur is much more modern.

* Cubby holes are missing. I missed the front door coin pockets.

* The White & Black interiors and seat covers look good only if well kept. The White part will attract the dust and stains easily.

* No Dead pedal

* The Cabin feels cramped. I mean not as cramped as a Eco-Sport but still it doesn't give the feel of roominess.

* Front fixed center armrest should have a usable storage space.

* Inner door latch design look more like those of Honda Brio.

* No Coat hooks on rear roof grips.

* The dash mounted storage box's lid doesn't open at once and when it opens then it does not close properly.

* Seats felt comfortable both in front and rear but the big rear armrest spoils the space for 3 passenger in rear.

* Front and Rear AC are sufficiently good.

* Steering wheel looks to be taken from the Duster. The steering mounted controls remind of Duster.

* ICE display is weak. The display in daytime is not very clear.

* ICE sound quality if compared to Harman is not as good.

* Speedometer Console is the only unique thing in the interiors of Captur.

* A slight blind spot can be felt near the A-Pillar.

* The rear visibility is fine.

* Wipers swipe and spray is fine.

* Horn sound is good.

* The Engine is nothing new when compared to Duster. Those who own a Duster wouldn't trade their car for it.

* The Clutch is very soft.

* Steering is light but responsive.

* Body roll is there but quite controlled.

* Braking is acceptable. There is Disc and Drum setup.

* The car stalled multiple times in 2nd gear while going up and even on plain roads when we tried to test it's pulling power from 0 km/h with 2nd gear it refused to move. It was the case with all the Captur(s).

* After a lot of effort we managed to make it move after shutting the AC for some distance but there was clutch plate smell coming out.

* Being a Diesel engine the performance isn't upto the mark. Expected it to be at-least be at par with the Duster.

* In-cabin NVH above 3K RPM is poor in Diesel.

* Open the hood of diesel and the sound of engine is noisy. Will be posting a video.

* Interior aesthetics wise and even performance wise, S-Cross 1.6 looks way more better deal than this one. Nexon is a class apart in comparison.

* Ingress and Egress are fine due to raised height.

* Built quality is good and so is the paint quality too.

* Apollo Tires offered satisfactory grip on rough roads and the suspension and ride was acceptable enough.

* Turning it on sharp turns doesn't give you that comfort feeling. The size of the car makes it a lethargic performer on sharp turns.

* Renault should not think about asking too much premium over Duster. It will be bad for both the products.

* Sales cannibalization will surely happen with the Duster.

* There are personalized kits available for Captur just like the iCreate.

* Glove Box isn't too spacious as well though has proper illumination.

* Under hood fuse box wasn't opening properly.

* The fender cladding rivets (Blue Color) were visible from inside the hood. A big visible gap was there.

* The doors did not shut at once and needed a second effort.

* As per the presentation by the officials there, the base variant is also feature loaded.

* Overall, in my view, to opt for this as an upgrade to Duster is not a wise move. If someone still has a itch then its their choice.

* Definitely better interiors than a Duster but will someone pick Captur above/over a Nexon or Eco-Sport Diesel, well, it is actually not possible in my view. But yes, this one does have more to offer than a Brezza.

Media Drive Experience.

* Logistic issues happened in our case and a couple more journos too.

* The location was good but the planning of the drive and the lazy escort car was a put-off.

* We had to share our car with other publication. Due to lack of pre-loaded map we couldn't choose the route and drove as per our wish but in the end it proved helpful to judge the car.

* I was given a non-smoking room at the venue[roll]

* In 2 days I lost my way number of times from the Restaurant to the room as the property was huge[lol]

* The weather was humid so both me and Vibhor has lot of Diet Cokes to keep ourselves hydrated.

* I appreciate the efforts of the media agency but planning and co-ordination could be much better.

* I wish I can attend some more media drives in future as well.



PS: More pics and videos to follow!

Akash1886 25th September 2017 12:21 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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Akash1886 25th September 2017 12:45 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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Akash1886 25th September 2017 01:12 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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*More coming tomorrow!



acechip 25th September 2017 09:35 AM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
The instrument cluster looks a bit cheap- more apt for a Kwid/Alto than a 15 lac Captur, couldnt they have given a more modern, TFT unit - or ATLEAST replicating the much more classy Renault Fluence instrument cluster? Even the Duster IP looks clean and elegant, with a white LED display.

Akash1886 25th September 2017 02:49 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!

Here are the videos of Renault Captur from the Media Drive @ Goa.



Akash1886 25th September 2017 04:59 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
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acechip 25th September 2017 10:51 PM

re: Renault Captur Slated To Debut in India,Now Launched!
At the risk of repeating, I would like to ask what exactly is premium about the Captur that isnt there in other cars ? Most of the features are also present in the Duster , and a critical capability-AWD is not yet offered in the Captur. I simply cant fathom someone buying a Captur at 17-18 lac over a Creta/XUV/Compass. Those cars, especially the XUV offer so much more.

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