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350Z 6th November 2014 06:40 PM

New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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Mercedes Benz India has confirmed that the next generation C-Class will arrive here on 25th November. However, the car will be previewed next week from 12 – 14th November at CeBIT exhibition in Bangalore. Following are more details from the press release:

Mercedes-Benz India will have a special preview of the new C-Class luxury sedan at CeBIT India 2014, the world’s leading Business IT event. The new C-Class which will make its India debut on November 25, 2014 is all set to create new benchmark in the luxury sedan segment in India. Whether the use of excellent interior sound engineering and aero acoustics, or be it the market premiere of the new generation Infotainment System “Audio 20 Version 5.1” with a completely new ergonomic interface featuring a touch pad, the new C-Class will exceed customer expectations in technological innovations. The new C-Class takes engineering and use of technology to the next generation creating an unsurpassable experience for the driver.

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented, “The new C-Class sets a new benchmark with its technological and design advancement. We thought CeBIT is the right platform to showcase the technological prowess of the new C-Class as well as a prime example of how the latest generation telematics and IT systems are well integrated in Mercedes-Benz cars. The C-Class clearly redefines the segment altogether and sets a newer benchmark in terms of technological accomplishment of Mercedes-Benz. We are confident that the new C-Class which makes its India debut on November 25, 2014 will continue its success story and remain on top of our customer’s preference list.”

Drive Safe,

Akash1886 6th November 2014 07:10 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25

Originally Posted by 350Z (Post 415941)
[JUSTIFY]Mercedes Benz India has confirmed that the next generation C-Class will arrive here on 25th November.

A cute looking baby S-Class from Benz. The new C-class in the pics looks far more contemporary and refined aesthetically.

Vibhor, 1 request, when ever you plan to do a Official review do let me know. Will love to join and experience the Benz's aura.

There is a Benz showroom in Noida too in Sector 8. Lets red-line this C-class after launch what say?



svs78 7th November 2014 06:47 AM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
As usual indian version has been stripped of the variable suspension, hud and many stuffs like that. We don't get the ones with black interior and red seats which we have been finding in their add on youtube for some time.
In india we always pay more and get the least.


Akash1886 11th November 2014 01:37 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
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Dear Friends,

Here is a virtual 3D image of the soon to be launched Mercedes Benz C-Class. On this graphic below by using the Mercedes App one can see a proper virtual model of the New Benz C Class in zoom mode. I shall most likely be present at the official launch of the new C-Class Benz on 25th Nov-2014.

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jithinmjose 11th November 2014 03:22 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
But the pricing of c class is too high right. There was a time when 3 series c class and a4 prices started from 30L. I think those days were gone long back.

Akash1886 13th November 2014 11:18 AM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
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The new Benz C Class has been finally unveiled at Bangalore and would be launching on 25th Nov-2014.

Attachment 151732


‘IT is everywhere’ has been a philosophy within the company for quite some time, acknowledging that without the support of state-of-the-art IT solutions, important activities such as product development, order processing, production, simulation, testing, aftersales-service, billing and payment cannot be done successfully.

“Our customers expect not only appealing design, outstanding quality and superb performance from a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, they also like to stay connected, entertained and informed when using their vehicles”, explained Eberhard Kern, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India. “We offer our customers an ideal in-car infotainment system and the new C-Class sets benchmark in terms of integrating next generation telematics and IT systems. We are constantly implementing the latest technologies available, up to the stage where we are a front-runner in the development of semi-autonomous and autonomous driving.”

Manu Saale, MD and CEO of MBRDI emphasised: “We are very proud to be an important contributor within the global RD and IT network at Mercedes-Benz. MBRDI has grown from strength to strength and with over 2,000 associates, we contribute to our global vehicle development with our vast experience. This includes working on Design, Simulations, E&E, Testing, IT applications development and IT services and as such we play an important part to assure top customer satisfaction globally - and as well here in India.”

Digital Life has entered all fields of daily social life. This mega-trend has impact to Mercedes-Benz and its business model, products and competitiveness. Communication with customers and target groups can be done more diversely and effectively than ever before. New business fields with new services can be created in the transportation sector. There are opportunities in all fields of corporate life – and behind all processes operates a clever IT system.

“In line with our global IT-strategy, we further develop our IT-department into a worldwide organization with strong international teams, representing a striking variety of skills, know-how and foreign cultures, “ explains Helmut Schütt, CIO DaimlerTrucks, Buses and Vans, “for example here in Bangalore we already have a significant footprint in various IT-domains, such as a ‘Shared Service Center‘ for SAP applications, as well as developments for mobility services, computer simulations and augmented reality – and we are further expanding our presence”.


Akash1886 24th November 2014 10:58 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
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Buddies, I am invited formally for the official unveiling and showcase party of the Mercedes Benz's new C class at its dealership in Delhi on 28th Nov-2014 i.e Friday.

Attachment 152928

I shall be covering the new Benz C Class over dinner and shall post my 1st look review then in detail.



Akash1886 25th November 2014 12:14 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
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Here is the e-brochure of the New Benz C Class.

Attachment 153036



Akash1886 25th November 2014 06:13 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Coming on November 25
Friends, The Mercedes Benz's new C Class has been launched today at a competitive price of INR 40.9 Lakhs ex-showroom, New Delhi.


The new generation 2015 Mercedes-Benz C Class was launched today in India at a price of INR 40.9 lakhs, ex-Showroom, New Delhi.

As stated earlier, for now, the C Class will be available in India only with a petrol engine, and the car is imported as a CBU (Completely Built-up Unit). Local assembly and launch of the diesel variant will take place next year.



Akash1886 28th November 2014 11:55 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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It was an extravagant unveiling of the New Benz C Class held today evening at the Mercedes Benz's dealership in Delhi. What snacks, and dinner well complimented by drinks. It was one of the best things to have happened on a Friday night. Prior to the unveiling of new C class there was a fashion show too that made the whole atmosphere so very beautiful and enjoyable.

Pics from the unveiling!

Attachment 153218

Attachment 153219

Attachment 153220

Attachment 153221

Attachment 153222

Attachment 153223

Attachment 153224

Attachment 153225

Attachment 153226

Attachment 153227

# Continued in next post.



Akash1886 29th November 2014 12:01 AM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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Some more pics!

Attachment 153228

Attachment 153229

Attachment 153230

Attachment 153231

Attachment 153232

Attachment 153233

Attachment 153234

Attachment 153235

Attachment 153236

Attachment 153237

Continued in next post



Akash1886 29th November 2014 12:05 AM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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Some more pics of the event today!

Attachment 153238

Attachment 153239

Attachment 153240

Attachment 153241

Attachment 153242

Attachment 153243

Attachment 153244

Attachment 153245

Attachment 153246

Attachment 153247

Continued in next post!



Akash1886 29th November 2014 12:37 AM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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Some Videos of the unveiling!

1) Video 1

2) Video 2 (Please mute the sound to watch)

After this unveiling the CEO of T&T Motors spoke about the various attributes of the New Benz C Class.

Finally, the most awaited part of the unveiling came i.e Dinner Time!![lol]:biggrin:

Attachment 153248

Attachment 153249

And it all ended on a sweet note!

Attachment 153250

Attachment 153251

So friends, good night and have a great weekend!

Attachment 153252

Hope you all like it! There was literally a huge crowd for this event!



Akash1886 5th December 2014 05:30 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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Here is my pictorial review of the New Mercedes C-Class which has been launched at an On-Road cost of INR 46.16 Lacs. At present the only model available is the petrol one and next year the Diesel one shall make its way to Indian market.

Attachment 154093

So beginning with the majestic front radiator grill that lends a bold character to the new C Class. The radiator grill by Mercedes Benz has been the major identifiable feature. However, the elevated Benz Star on the hood is missing.

Attachment 154094

Head lamps: The new head lamps come with DRLs which give a sharp look with adaptive high beam and low beam.

Attachment 154095

The front fog lamps come with a chrome garnish and provide additional visibility. They are placed with precision in a honey-comb mesh.

Attachment 154096

Wheels and Alloys: The new Benz C Class comes with 225 section Tyre with 17 inch alloys

Attachment 154097

Attachment 154098

Outside Rear View Mirror: They are electrically fold-able with automatic dimmer on driver's side mirror.

Attachment 154099

A well finished dashboard with wood finish gives uber cool feel in the cabin with elegantly placed gadgets and the clock.

Attachment 154100

The Drive mode selector has 5 modes with Agility Select option.

Attachment 154101

The Automatic climate control comes with 2 Zone cooling with chrome finish on vents. Adding to the luxurious feel is the 20 Audio CD Changer with touch-pad and color display of 17.7 cm with Garmin Navigation.

Attachment 154102

Attachment 154103

# Continued in Next post



Akash1886 5th December 2014 05:55 PM

Re: New Mercedes Benz C-Class Now in India
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The Speedometer and Steering wheel: The new C Class has a beautiful speedometer console which is back-lit with White light and the steering wheel comes with integrated Airbag and steering mounted controls for Audio and Bluetooth.

Attachment 154104

Attachment 154105

Attachment 154106

Attachment 154107

Panoramic Sliding Sunroof.

Attachment 154108

Attachment 154109

Seats and Door Pads: The front seats are electrically adjustable and the door pads integrate the speakers very well and overall finishing of lime-wood is excellent.

Attachment 154114

Attachment 154115

Attachment 154116

Attachment 154117

Engine: Its 4 Cylinder engine with 1991cc. The new C Class reaches 0-100 in 7.3 seconds with approx top speed of 235 km/h

Attachment 154124

# Continued in next post.



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