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HimanshuSparta 1st February 2015 04:25 PM

Ditched By Tata Motors: Experience with Yashraj Motors (Muzaffarpur)
I was travelling in my to Muzaffarpur Bihar from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh and on 18th January 2015 when I was only 31 kms from my destination on the Patna Muzaffarpur road, at around 3pm my vehicle Tata Safari (MP04CJ0338) broke down due to coolant leakage and Timing Belt failure. This safari belonged to my friend Nitin Rajoria (CCed).

I searched the internet and got your toll free helpline number, and explained them my problem. After multiple calls and by 5 pm (and it was freezing cold), the helpline people were finally able to understand my problem and told me that the vehicle needs to be towed to YashRaj Motors Pvt Ltd in Muzaffarpur and also repeatedly asked me to pay the towing person 3000/- all in advance. (Complaint Ref. No. 1-24929611377)

After waiting for another 2 hours when it was completely dark and further more cold, the towing van came with just two teenage looking guys, one driver and one his assistant. These guys told me that they don't have screwdriver to open the bumper and will therefore tow it all the way along with the bumper fitted. They asked for the money even before touching the vehicle, which I paid.

I and my driver and friends sat in the safari while it was towed to the Yashraj, it was 8:30 pm and the whole town seems to be already closed. We left the vehicle at service station and searched for a hotel to spend the night.

Next morning i.e on 19th January 2015 we reached the service station to enquire the problem with the vehicle and were asked to wait as the people there said that they are trying to identify it. Whole day that day we waited and waited outside the showroom but the guys didn't touch our vehicle.

Next day by afternoon we came to know that some 5 HLAs have either broken or worn out and the Timing kit and water pump needs to be replaced. The same day I called up the emergency breakdown helpline number and also informed them that due to manhandling of my vehicle by the towing persons its bumper and number plate have broken but the person who answered the called (Sunil) said that it was my fault and there is nothing he could do about it.

By 21st evening my vehicle was ready and I was asked to pay around 20k for the repairs. I informed the guys at Yashraj that my vehicle is under extended warranty, initially they refused but when I showed them the papers they started giving one excuse or the other and were not ready to give me the benefit of the extended warranty. Finally they said that your vehicles service history is not proper and therefore we cant give you the benefits of the scheme, I was shocked to here that because I know that it was impossible to not have a proper service history.

I called up Mr. Amit Pradhan at RMJ Motors Bhopal who checked out the details with him and said that my service history is absolutely perfect he even talked to service guy at Muzaffarpur multiple times and explained him everything, Mr Pradhan even emailed the service history of my vehicle to Yashraj motors which clearly showed a clean service history. People at Yashraj asked me to come back next morning as they need to discuss the case with their manager. The same day my frined Nitin lodged a complaint with at the helpline number. (Complaint Ref. No.1-25023187632)

Next morning when we came back we were told that we cant avail the benefits and were asked to pay Rs 22186/-. I again called up Mr. Pradhan at Bhopal and he asked me to ask the Yashraj people to send an email to him, mentioning that they cant give the benefits of the Extended Warranty scheme. But the the yashraj people straight away denied it.

I called up Mr. Pranay, General Manager at RMJ and told him the whole scenario, and as per his suggestion I called up the helpline number and explained everything, the person at the helpline number asked me to make the payments at that time and the same will be refunded back to me. I did as advised, as I had no other option left and it was my 4th day in a totally unknown place in freezing cold.

So after suffering for 5 days and spending more than Rs 30000/- I got my vehicle back, where instead I should have paid only a few thousand bucks and this happened even after I fulfilled all the prerequisites to avail the benefits on the Tata's Extended Warranty scheme, which I took only for such eventualities.

It is really sad that the kind of response we have been getting from the Tata people is absolutely disgusting and disheartening.

You guys boast of being the largest automobile manufacturer in India, don't forget that it is so because people buy your cars and believe in you.


deville_56 14th March 2015 07:37 PM

Re: Ditched By Tata Motors: Experience with Yashraj Motors (Muzaffarpur)
Was the money refunded??

muztariq 15th March 2015 12:11 AM

Re: Ditched By Tata Motors: Experience with Yashraj Motors (Muzaffarpur)
What was the odo reading when this happened? I also own a Safari and timing belt needs to be changed before 90K kms. Even though it is mentioned quite late in the service manual.
This recommendation is mentioned in many threads all over the internet.

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