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Swiftian 28th July 2011 11:42 AM

Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
Hello Guys

I have a Swift petrol version and I'm planning to exchange with a Diesel version of Swift. My question is - I have T N registered and want to exchange my car here in Bangalore. Please let me know whether its possible or I have to exchange it only with a T N dealer?

Also I would like to know the possibilities of exchanging my car with Non-Maruti brand (I20 Diesel). If so, will the exchange bonus for my old car will be less ?

Akash 28th July 2011 12:27 PM

Re: Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
Exchanging with MS will be the best option. However, i feel it would be better to sell off your car to some individual and then go for the new car. Exchanging your car at some other company dealership isn't a good idea.

Ramoze 28th July 2011 12:44 PM

Re: Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
Hi Swiftian,

It would be better if you exchange it in Maruti. However how much did they offer you for exchange. To get a better price sell it off. Thus you will be able to get some good value.



ACMohan 28th July 2011 01:46 PM

Re: Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
You better sell it off to any Individual in TN.
And do you want the new car to be registered in bangalore?
MSIL may be quoting much lower price than what you may get from individuals.But you may get exchange bonuses.But in the case of Swift Diesel,MSIL is not going to give any offers.

350Z 28th July 2011 06:08 PM

Re: Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
My honest opinion is that you should not exchange the car at all. You’re likely to fetch much better value of it by selling it off separately to a reliable individual or dealership. Generally, exchanging the car does not offer the fair value of it. I’d also like to know the final deal which Maruti is offering to you and basic details (Year, Version, Mileage etc) of your existing Swift. Good luck.

Drive Safe,

jalex 28th July 2011 06:39 PM

Re: Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
What ever you do. Ensure that the car's ownership is transferred as well. For that you have to provide the No Objection Certificate from the R.T.O in T.N where the car was originally registered. Without which the car cannot be transferred to a new owner in Bengaluru, Which means the car will remain in your name and the liabilities that may arise, will also be your responsibility. And we cant predict what the liability can turn out to be. You will also need to re-register the car in Bengaluru to transfer it to a person in Bengaluru. This will be a long process.

MSIL True Value also wont give a fair price for your car. This I know from my experience(I exchanged my M800 for 42000/- at MSIL in 2006. I could have got 70,000 or more if I had sold it outside to an individual.) So better sell it to an individual in T.N.

cooldhaya 30th July 2011 02:11 PM

Re: Exchange of old Swift Petrol with Diesel
+1 to Jalex better sell the car to an individual in TN. My experience with these dealers is not good either. Our Safari 2006 model clocked 1Lakh KMS fetched us only 3Lakhs from a dealership but i would have got 3.5-3.75Lakhs if i had sold it to an individual.

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