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gautham.35 23rd September 2017 11:32 AM

New Car Options in Rs.18 - 35 Lakh Bracket
Lets say you want something more comfortable than the creta, city, vento, verna, ciaz etc. Lets say you need strictly a 5 seater sedan or suv which is easy to use in both city and highways. So superb and camry are out. Lets say you want to keep a low profile. So x1, q3, gla etc are out. I was doing some research and to my surprise there are hardly any options and everything has some negative. . Here are the options.

1. Corolla > No wow factor. Looks dated. Under powered engine.
2. Elantra SX(O) VTVT AT > The new Verna looks like a clone of Elantra. ( unlike the previous Elantra).
3. Octavia 1.8 TSI Style Plus > I must admit, this looks classy. But there is a lot of posts on the reliability of DSG. I dont know if its indeed true or just the exaggeration.
4. Jeep compass > Interiors dont look classy at all. the dashboard is not great either.
5. Tucson GLS > The beige interior is a spoiler. Though the interior quality is good, it doesn't have a wow factor. Also, the exterior resembles the creta.
6. CRV > Very old model
7. Tiguan highline> Though i am a fan of plain design, this one looks very bland. Looks like a overgrown polo.

As you can see we have only 7 options and nothing is perfect. But in india we have tons of options in < 18 lac segment. Why are car manufactures ignoring this segment?. If you were to suggest something in the above, what would you suggest?

(Note: If anyone owns any of the above casr, my apologies if I hurt your feelings. I expressed my frank opinion)

kkn13 23rd September 2017 11:48 AM

Re: Options in 18-35 lac bracket
1. Corolla 1.8 is well powered though not as fun to drive as 1.8 TSI in Octavia. Still a well rounded package

2. Elantra is seriously underrated but Im no fan of sedans for the price range personally

3. Octavia - I owned manual 1.8 TSI Superb until last year, cost a bomb to maintain and reliability was a let down, though it was certainly vfm on other fronts

4. Jeep Compass- Mixed bag for now

5. Tucson GLS - I happen to own one and trust me , its very very underrated. Exterior doesnt resemble the Creta except the Hyundai badge . See it at night next to Creta and repeat the statement, full LEDs all round and all, certainly looks more upmarket than Creta. Im considering Creta as a second car but it feels like a downgrade on all fronts . The Hyundai badge is the only thing that makes it "resemble the creta"

6. CRV is very outdated but fantastic car , I owned the previous generation(2007). Only buy if you get a low run used one imho

7.Tiguan- Overpriced, weird rear bench and underpowered engine

Id say go for Compass ,Tucson, Elantra, Corolla for balance of everything
I waited a long time in your shoes since last year and I found Tucson to be the best of the bunch imho but Compass is also mouth watering

gautham.35 23rd September 2017 12:04 PM

Re: Options in 18-35 lac bracket
Thank you so much kkn13 for a very useful post. great to know you own a Tucson GLS. My first preference was petrol GL since i dont like diesel cars due to the nvh plus my usage is very low. ( I know hyundai crdi's are very very refined. but still). But there is no GLS in petrol. Hence GLS. I had done a quick comparison of petrol GL and diesel GLS. But thers hardly any difference. ( i dont care about hill assist etc). Do you think the GLS has any important feature which is missing in GL?

bhvm 23rd September 2017 06:39 PM

Re: Options in 18-35 lac bracket
there are some excellent suvs available in that bracket if You won't mind a bulky Car.

gautham.35 23rd September 2017 08:49 PM

Re: Options in 18-35 lac bracket
i never really liked fortuner, endeavour, innova, hexa, xuv etc. the only 7 seater i liked was santa fe which is now discontinued. the upcoming skoda kodiaq does look promising. hopefully its not bulky.

kkn13 23rd September 2017 09:24 PM

Re: Options in 18-35 lac bracket

Originally Posted by gautham.35 (Post 549290)
i never really liked fortuner, endeavour, innova, hexa, xuv etc. the only 7 seater i liked was santa fe which is now discontinued. the upcoming skoda kodiaq does look promising. hopefully its not bulky.

Kodiaq is gonna get the same Tiguan 140bhp engine
Also Kodiaq is gonna be a larger SUVish version of the Superb , somewhat similar to Q7 stance
Frankly for a petrol lover like you , go for Tucson, Compass or CRV

Only reason I didnt go for CRV again is the mileage, gave me 5-6kmpl later on ,even though it was a manual transmission
There were times it gave me upto 12kmpl too though
I had the car for 9 good years

With GL model, you lose out on the electric tailgate, electric handbrake etc

Frankly the diesel is extremely refined and very powerful, petrol was a bit boring compared to my CRV
Id give the diesel GLS another look if I were you, the price difference and maintenance costs arent very different and you get a whole slew of features to make even BMW X1,Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA owners jealous

If not, Jeep Compass petrol is decent too but the driving position and clutch were a bit off for my liking. Also headroom and legroom at the back are not very good. Dual clutch AT isnt recommended imho

Another great option is a used Santa Fe, I saw some for 18L in Mumbai recently , 2014-15 models , all top end variant
But personally Tucson feels like a more modern take given they are essentially the same platform/ family

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