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350Z 7th December 2010 05:35 PM

Most Affordable Sports Cars You Can Buy in India
The number of wealthy car enthusiasts in India is gradually growing three-fold; as a result, the sports cars from Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari etc. are no more a rare sight, especially in metro-cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Just recall the last time when you spotted a super-car with loud engine noise and you jumped out of excitement just to have a glance of it in that crowded traffic. How thrilling it was, No? Well, Now if I ask that rather than spotting, You can own and drive one of those cool looking sports car, that too in an affordable budget, so would you believe? I am sure that the majority will not. That is why, today The Automotive India reveals the truth. Of late, The trend of buying and modifying the cheap used sports car in India is spreading like a forest fire, amongst hard-core enthusiasts. In fact, even more so, because there is a variety of such cars to fit almost every pocket. No matters whether your budget is Rs.1.5 Lakhs or Rs.30 Lakhs to own a car that carries an exclusive and sporty appeal, the major letdown however, is that you need to perform a thorough research and work hard to find one in a healthy-condition inside out, and if you do, then be quick before someone else drives that dream away. :smile:

  • All prices are in Indian rupees.
  • All prices are an approximate only.
  • Actual cost of car depends upon several factors.
  • This guide includes Pre-owned cars only, Except Storm.
  • Pictures source: Google Images. All rights respective owners.
  • We strongly recommend buying used imported cars after an extensive inspection, and from authorized dealers only.
  • This article is a creation of The Automotive India, and cannot be copied in any form without prior written permission of our authorities.

350Z 7th December 2010 05:52 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Toyota Sera

Attachment 13918

Perhaps one of the most common and most admired little sports cars in India. Toyota Sera is a compact two-seater car, with main attraction of awesome butterfly doors. The best part is that it makes a great everyday car due to the small dimensions which help to blaze it away in traffic like a breeze.

  • Price Range: Rs.1.25 Lakhs - Rs.3.5 Lakhs
  • Manufacture Year: 1990 - 1996
  • Engine Capacity: 1496cc
  • Pros: Capable City Car, Space-shuttle Looks, Butterfly Doors.
  • Cons: Out of Production, Spare Parts are Difficult to Source, Some of them Cost a Bomb.

San Storm

Attachment 13919

San Storm is a made in India ‘sports car’, but its performance is far behind one. A brand new Storm can be yours for the price of a Maruti DZire, but buy it if you are concerned only about looks.

  • Price Range: Rs.5.95 Lakhs (New)
  • Manufacture Year: Latest
  • Engine Capacity: 1149cc
  • Pros: Convertible top, Cute Looks, Light on Pocket.
  • Cons: Lacks the Punch, Limited Dealerships, Weak After Sales Support.

350Z 7th December 2010 06:30 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Mazda Miata (MX-5)

Attachment 13922

Miata is a well-known sports car worldwide, though its looks are not something special to talk about, but you need to drive it to feel it. There are a few Miatas in Pre-owned car market in India, but finding the model, which is not abused is the challenge.

  • Price Range: Rs.5 Lakhs - Rs.6 Lakhs+
  • Manufacture Year: 1989 - 1997
  • Engine Capacity: 1599cc
  • Pros: Great Handling, Modification Friendly.
  • Cons: Average Looks.

Toyota MR-2

Attachment 13923

Probably the best pick of the lot, and an excellent car to drive. Second hand Toyota MR-2s come and sell away like hot cakes. No wonder, why this car is popularly also called as a "Poor Man's Ferrari".
  • Price Range: Rs.6 Lakhs~ Onwards
  • Manufacture Year: 1989 - 1999
  • Engine Capacity: 2000cc (Turbocharged Available)
  • Pros: Reliable, Fresh Design, Spare Parts Availability.
  • Cons: Almost Zero Luggage Area, Some Mechanics Complain Difficulty to Work with Mid-Engine.

350Z 8th December 2010 12:18 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady Z)

Attachment 13931

The Z enthusiasts like me can grab their Fairlady for as much as Rs.6.5 - 7 Lakhs. There are quite a few of them in Western region of the country, and if you own one, be assured about the 'head turning' factor, and oh, how to forget that powerful engine sound too.
  • Price Range: Rs.6.5 Lakhs+
  • Manufacture Year: 1984 - 1996
  • Engine Capacity: 1599cc
  • Pros: Twin Turbo, Member of Popular and Reliable 'Z' Family.
  • Cons: Ownership could be Expensive.

Toyota Celica

Attachment 13938

Being another Toyota in the list, You can definitely expect the solid Japanese reliability which promises miles with smiles, but if you find one up for sale in a reasonable condition, please do let me know too.
  • Price Range: Rs.7 Lakhs - Rs.8 Lakhs Onwards
  • Manufacture Year: 1993 - 1999
  • Engine Capacity: 1800cc
  • Pros: Solid Reliability, Typical Sports-car Looks.
  • Cons: Difficult to Find one in a Good Condition.

350Z 8th December 2010 05:51 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Mitsubishi 3000GT

Attachment 13939

Also known as Mitsubishi GTO, it was re-badged and sold as Dodge Stealth for the North US Market until 1996. This car has almost everything which one would expect to find in a real sports-car, Moreover, at the same time, the Mitsubishi brand comes as a bonus which defines charterstic racing DNA. Though, consider getting the GTO only if you can afford the cost of spare parts which need to be imported.
  • Price Range: Rs.10 Lakhs -Rs.15 Lakhs Onwards
  • Manufacture Year: 1990 - 2001
  • Engine Capacity: 3000cc (V6)
  • Pros: Perfect Sports Car, Awesome Design.
  • Cons: Cost of Spares could Burn a hole in Pocket.

BMW Z3 Roadster

Attachment 13940

Good things come in small packages, this saying is apt for the Z3. After all, who doesn't wants to drive around an open-top BMW? Especially if you are ready to throw the grand sum for a used car which could rather get you a brand new, feature laden Honda Accord. However, unfortunately it is too rare to find in India.

  • Price Range: Rs.17 Lakhs+
  • Manufacture Year: 1996 - 2002
  • Engine Capacity: 1800cc (More Options Available)
  • Pros: An awe-inspiring roadster, Brilliant to drive, BMW tag.
  • Cons: Absolutely rare in second hand car market

350Z 8th December 2010 06:05 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Audi TT

Attachment 13941

Need For Speed fans will go wow. This Audi is yet another attention-grabber while running on roads, and if you were driving only in games yet, it can be now driven in reality for as much as half of its actual price.

  • Price Range: Rs.25 Lakhs Onwards
  • Manufacture Year: 1998 - 2006
  • Engine Capacity: 1800cc / 3200cc
  • Pros: Evergreen Design, Performance, Availability of Audi Network.
  • Cons: Yet Not the 'most affordable' sports car.

Nissan 350Z

Attachment 13942

Aah. As my user name already tells, I'm one huge 350Z aficionado who can write pages and pages about it. Excuse me if I sound biased, but this is an ultimate car your money can buy today. [thumbswink]
  • Price Range: Rs.20 Lakhs - Rs.30 Lakhs
  • Manufacture Year: 2003 - 2006
  • Engine Capacity: 3500cc
  • Pros: Most appealing, and up-to-date design, Availability is Not Difficult, Exhilarating Performance, Tremendous After-market support.
  • Cons: Not much really, Or maybe I ain't the most suitable person to ask.

350Z 8th December 2010 06:15 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Mazda RX8

Attachment 13944

The looks of Mazda RX8 can easily make an automotive enthusiast go crazy, especially rear and those suicide doors, it is my next most favorite after the 350Z. However the RX8 are in very limited numbers in India, and until you have reliable sources, getting the spares and servicing could be a cause of concern, since the brand called 'Mazda' still does not exists in India.
  • Price Range: Rs.30~ Lakhs
  • Manufacture Year: 2003 - 2007
  • Engine Capacity: 1300cc
  • Pros: Tempting Looks, Suicide Doors.
  • Cons: Price, Spares & Servicing concern

Mercedes Benz SLK - Class

Attachment 13943

Status, Brand Value, Performance, Looks and more. What you don't get along with a Mercedes SLK? If you desire one, and have the money, a couple of years old model surely makes worth the purchase at price similar that of an entry-level C-Class.
  • Price Range: Rs.30 Lakhs Onwards
  • Manufacture Year: 2006 - 2007
  • Engine Capacity: 1800cc
  • Pros: Status, Brand Image, Design, Mercedes Benz India Network.
  • Cons: Expensive to Maintain.

That's all for now. If you know about more such cars, Please do feel free to share them in this thread itself.

Drive Safe,

type-r 8th December 2010 08:35 PM

how about the Z4? or the CLK?

Akash 8th December 2010 08:42 PM

Excellent work again.
I agree with your statement about the Toyota Sera's popularity.
If you ask me, my favourite among these is Toyota Sera. A complete VFM.

jalex 8th December 2010 09:12 PM

I love the Mitsubishi GTO and the Toyota MR2. They are from the time when I was a teen and I had posters of them both on my bedroom walls.

AMG 8th December 2010 09:14 PM

Doesnt a used lancer evo also demand a place in the list?

I believe they are pretty easu to find.(may be wrong, after all :stupid:)

jalex 8th December 2010 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by AMG (Post 60149)
Doesnt a used lancer evo also demand a place in the list?

I believe they are pretty easu to find.(may be wrong, after all :stupid:)

I dont think an EVO is a sportscar. Its a performance sedan and its too large for a sports car.

350Z 9th December 2010 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by type-r (Post 60145)
how about the Z4? or the CLK?

Even the oldest Z4 (’02 Model) will fall somewhere in the RX-8 price range, I guess, but the CLK is a nice addition to this list. There is a red coloured one up for sale in Delhi for approx. Rs.15 Lakhs, 2001 Model.


Originally Posted by Akash (Post 60147)
Excellent work again.
I agree with your statement about the Toyota Sera's popularity.
If you ask me, my favourite among these is Toyota Sera. A complete VFM.

True, but only as long as everything goes right. :smile: One shunt (Especially on the butterfly door) can leave the owner into a trouble.


Originally Posted by jalex (Post 60148)
I love the Mitsubishi GTO and the Toyota MR2. They are from the time when I was a teen and I had posters of them both on my bedroom walls.

Absolutely, and in fact I came to know through dealers that a couple of MR2s were immediately sold in Delhi as soon as they were put up for sale (That too at a good price of Rs.8+ Lakhs). This literally shows the demand of such cars in our country.

Drive Safe,

jayadev 9th December 2010 02:22 AM


Aah. As my user name already tells, I'm one huge 350Z aficionado who can write pages and pages about it. Excuse me if I sound biased, but this is an ultimate car your money can buy today.
but i think 350z never wrote it yet and myself much awaiting (please forgive if its somewhere in TAI, i couldn't find it yet.)

racerdabba 9th December 2010 12:56 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I would like to add the Honda CRX in the list. Another great buy. Seen in Lotsa movies. Not that i like it, but should be added to the list.
For me It has to be a MR2 (SW20). Mid engined rear wheel drive. Drift King.

Attachment 13954

Type: Inline-4
Displacement (cc): 1595
Power bhp at RPM: 160 / 7600
Torque (Nm) at RPM: 150 / 7000
Redline at RPM: n.a.
Brakes & Tires
Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/disc
Tires F-R: 195/60 R14 V
Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Length × Width × Height (in): 157.5 × 66.7 × 49.6
Weight (kg):1090
Acceleration 0-100 kmph s: 7.9
Top Speed (km/h): 210

Also as i heard there are quite a few of Corolla TRueno/Levin AE-86 in northern India. If anybody finds one for sale, either MR2 or AE86, please let me know.

Attachment 13955

Attachment 13956

Weight: 950 kg
Weight Balance F/R: 53%/47%
Length: 4285mm
Width: 1625mm
Height: 1335mm
Wheel Base: 2400mm
Track Front: 1335mm
Track Rear: 1345mm
Wheel Size: 13"or 14" on GTV
Tire Size: 185/70-13 (185/60-14 on "GTV")
Brake Size: 227mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 50L
Drag Coefficient: 0.38
Engine Capacity: 1587cc
Maximum Engine Speed: 7700rpm
Power: 88KW @ 6600rpm
Torque: 15.2Kg/cm @ 5200rpm

Features: 4A-GEU
Years Produced: 1984 - 1987
General: DOHC Belt
Valves Per Cylinder: 4
Displacement: 1587cc
Bore x Stroke: 81.00mm x 77.00mm
Compression Ratio: 9.4 : 1
Fuel Requirements: 87 Octane
Max Power: 88KW @ 6600rpm
Max Torque: 15.2Kg/cm @ 5200rpm
Dry Weight: 123Kg
Piston Pin: 18mm
Crank Pin: 40mm
Fuel Metering System: MAP
Injector Size: 182cc
Injector Impedance: 1 ohm
Injector Type: Top Feeder
Fuel Pressure Regulator: 2.55kg/cm2
OEM Spark Plug: BCPR5EP11
Miscellaneous: TVIS Large Port

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