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kuldeep06 10th August 2017 02:53 PM

Help Required: Hyundai Eon IRVM Setting
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My Hyundai Eon frond windshield got cracked last week. I got it fixed from Windshield Experts, Dickenson Road Bangalore. It was very bad experience, I will share in another post.
Now, problem is they have fixed Inner rear view mirror at very low position, and it is obstructing front view. It is 8 cm below the roof line of car. But they are saying it is correct height. I am attaching the picture (Sorry for bad photography).
Can anyone from community tell me the exact height/distance from roof level to IRVM in Hyundai Eon? It will be great if someone can share pictures as well. I am having delight plus, but it will be same in all variants.

ticken 11th August 2017 08:41 AM

Re: Help Required: Hyundai Eon IRVM Setting
The IRVM installed does not seem to be of a Hyundai Eon. The one present in Eon has a short stalk which connects it to the windshield. I think you should compare it with another Eon and check the factory fit setting. You can get the stock IRVM from Hyundai genuine parts and fit it.
The IRVM on your Eon is definitely not a Eon specific one.

kuldeep06 11th August 2017 11:07 AM

Re: Help Required: Hyundai Eon IRVM Setting
Thanks for your reply. You are right. I checked in other Eon parked in my office, IRVM is different. Surprisingly it is exactly like I10. But this is company fittet, I have 2012 model so I guess in earlier models they had this type of IRVM in Eon.
Thanks, then I must visit to service centre to fix this. I am attaching I10 IRVM picture, it's same as mine, fixed near roofline.

kuldeep06 11th August 2017 11:09 AM

Re: Help Required: Hyundai Eon IRVM Setting
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I10 irvm :

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