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VISHNUCARCRAZY 30th May 2017 10:54 AM

Unnecessary Cost Hiking Elements in Service Bills
I thought of putting this post as an awareness to most of the customers who service their ride at ASS.(Authorised service centres).Most ASS have 3 category of staffs mainly - Service advisors ,Technicians/Labourers ,Service supervisors.
Role of service advisor- To diagnose the complaint put forward by customer ,and also by himself find out repair works,job to be carried out at the necessary service interval.
Role of Labourers- To carry out the jobs listed in job card
Role of Service supervisors- Ensuring the job has been done to perfection.

ASS have mainly 3 category of services -Free services (first 3 service after the ride has been bought),Periodic maintenance service /Kilometre service (According to time after last service or kilometres covered after last service),Running repair/Demand job service (Service for the particular issues which came during normal course of ownership)

The main scams are employed mainly during PMS (Periodic maintenance service ),which includes-
1.Throttle body cleaning /Fuel injector cleaning
A throttle body needs cleaning when the engine idle is rough, the engine stumbles through acceleration, or the Check Engine Light comes on.Today's fuel injected cars depend on a fully-functional and clean throttle body to supply an air/fuel mixture to each cylinder. The throttle body is essentially the carburetor on a fuel injected engine that controls flow of fuel and air into the fuel injection manifold. Once the mixture enters the manifold it is sprayed into each cylinder's intake port by the injection nozzles. When road grime, carbon, and other materials embed in the components that make up the throttle body, the vehicle's ability to efficiently burn fuel is reduced.

This requires cleaning only when the customer finds there is a huge mileage drop or when sensor gives warning .
Usual cost - Rs 400-800

Service advisors usually add this to each Periodic maintenance service ,and chances are high that work won't be carried out ,and an incentive is given for the service advisor for listing out the same in job card.

Flushing is the procedure done to remove grits due to suspended impurities and metal particles associated with different components (Engine oil flushing,Coolant flushing,Brake fluid flushing )Here generally an additive is used ,to rinse the component ,and then the particular fluid (Lubricant),engine oil,coolant,brake fluid are added respectively.Only flushing job needs to be done is Engine flushing ,at 30k km for diesel cars ,40k km for petrol cars .Flushing needs to be done only for those cars running on mineral oil ,but nowadays all cars have synthetic oil ,so this can be avoided ,for peace of mind this can be done at the intervals mentioned above.
Service advisor lists this during PMS.Bill increase by max of 5k.

3.Engine bay coating/engine lamination
A polish ,wax layer for engine .SA repeatedly says ,engine bay is full of dust sir,this will give a protection(The truth is that ,engine bay will get dusty no matter whatever polish is being used).Better to dust out the engine bay ,say monthly once.
Cost (Max 400Rs).

4.A/c Disinfection
This includes spray of a chemical ,to disinfect .This can be done only if you feel ,the car is infected (When the car runs continuously in monsoon or damp condition.
Cost -max 500

5.Paint protection plans (3M package)
This is beneficial for those who haven't done any paint protection coats. SA gets incentive for those who accepts this .

6.PMS Charge
This is mainly for hyundai users ,each paid service contains PMS charge of - 400 to 2000(Depending for different segment of cars ).This contains the charge for diagnosis ,and check up and washing too .If a customer doesn't need a wash too ,he may think there won't be a wash charge in bill,Yes ,he won't have a wash charge ,as its already included in PMS .

I listed out various class of workers in ASS,and had pointed till now only SA's incentives.
A percentage of the incentive goes to the labourers too .
Work supervisors generally have more power in ASS than SA's ,but their interaction with customer is minimum.They actually have the power to say what job needs to be carried out .
Moderators please move the thread if this isn't correct place .
If already a thread exists ,please merge this .
I think such a topic hasn't been arisen in this Forum.
Other TAI members can add their set of experiences with other different elements in bill.
I will update when i get information on same too.

generalmax 30th May 2017 03:15 PM

Re: Cost hiking elements in service bills which aren't necessary
Cabin air filter change. What is that? In many cars it is not there. Even one which have can just be cleaned instead of replacing.

VISHNUCARCRAZY 30th May 2017 05:41 PM

Re: Cost hiking elements in service bills which aren't necessary

Originally Posted by generalmax (Post 539578)
Cabin air filter change. What is that? In many cars it is not there. Even one which have can just be cleaned instead of replacing.

Cabin filter is there in most of the cars nowadays sir.Its A/C filter . It is placed behind the glove box ,and is held within a box(Similar to Engine air filter setup). it can be of 2 types -
1.Paper/Cloth like(Similar to engine filter)
2.Screen mesh (Just like home A/c filter)

It requires change at 10k km service interval (If ridden in dusty condition).If driven in less dusty cases ,then cleaning alone will do (Cleaning with compressor).Screen mesh type requires cleaning only,its lifelong durable.

VISHNUCARCRAZY 17th September 2017 10:49 PM

Re: Unnecessary Cost Hiking Elements in Service Bills
Give your cars fro service before 15th of a month ,as after 15th generally the service advisor are more serious for getting target achieving,so more bucks on bill.

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