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swishrick18 28th April 2015 08:32 PM

New Toyota Corolla Altis Weak Headlamps
Hello , I have the tlnew corolla altis petrol top variant .though I like everything about the car I am not particularly happy with the headlights . the lights have a very short range .they Dont project straight ahead ,they sort of just fall on the road making it very difficult to see things couple of meters ahead .is there a way to level the headlights ?

pravin1987 29th April 2015 02:08 AM

Re: New Toyota Corolla Altis Weak Headlamps
I not sure whether the corolla has e4 head lamps or not. Also I'm not sure whether the head light assembly is adjusted vertically or horizontly

for vertically adjustment, this should work.

find a ground level with no undulations. let the head level adjustment to zero postion in the car. park the car 20 feet away from the wall. mark the postion of the both headlights on the wall( i.e the mark on the walls should be straight with head lamps).
switch on the head lamps and go to the wall and draw a line of 48cm from groud level and mark it's postion and repeat the same procedure for the other lamp too.

the 48 cm line works for most of the sedans falling under GC of 170mm. now find the lead lamp levelling screw on the head light assembly( basically it should like a nut) rotate the screw with a screw driver till the beam position is same as the marking done on the wall.

do not adjust for high beam. when low beam is adjusted, high beam adjusts itself.

every time you change the tyre or alloys or head lamp, this should be followed.

once the high beam is adjusted vertically, horizontal adjustment should work fine. I hope this helps.

you may try increasing 48cm line from ground level to get a better result. Done this swift , dzire, accent and manza. it worked level. the difference varies from 48 cm to few more or less.

This should help in getting the focus right. If you want to extend the power, a higher rated buld i needed. guess corolla has 55/60 bulbs. if yes upgrade to 90/100 with a relay to avoid short circuit, 100/130 is a overkill and it will blind oncoming drivers or else switch to LED bulbs with 30w lumen( 30 lumen= 90/100, 20 lumen=55/60 halogen bulb)

rajk 19th June 2017 10:42 AM

Re: New Toyota Corolla Altis Weak Headlamps
i am having a toyota altis gl model of 2010 make. through the times, low beam hid failed and i replaced it with normal halogen bulb as it was hard to get a d3r bulb ,service center was asking for 14000 for a single bulb,after using it in that condition for almost 2 years now i want to revert it back to hid bulbs, kindly provide input if switching to hid directly is possible as i am seeing now one complete wire is not connected to anything near the headlamps.

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