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350Z 14th February 2012 03:11 PM

Pictorial Guide on Using Private Messenger Facility
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The members with post count of 10+ are entitled to Private Messenger (PM) function. This feature works similar to an E-Mail but can be used to connect with the forum members only. It is requested to use this facility for sharing personal information and discussing off topic issues. However, at the same time, we strictly discourage members for using it to discuss useful on-topic stuff which is rather expected to be discussed via forum for the benefit of a larger audience. Moreover, members who attempt to spam / promote their products or services through Private Messenger will have to bear appropriate consequences.

Go to Private Messenger using ‘Private Messages’ link or through User CP.

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To send a Private Message – Select ‘Send New Message’ link on left.

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You can also send message as Carbon Copy (CC) or Blind Carbon Copy (BCC). The former option shows list of all recipients to the receiver while the latter doesn’t.

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350Z 14th February 2012 03:36 PM

Re: How To Use Private Messenger Facility?
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There are a couple of folders in Private Messenger as default: “Inbox” and “Sent Items”. The inbox allows to view all the messages you have received along with the username of the member who sent it and the date and time it was sent. On the other hand, sent items folder contains a copy of any messages that you have sent. You can also create additional folders for your messages by clicking the 'Edit Folders' link.

Each folder has a set of message controls which allow you to select messages, then either move them to one of your custom folders, or delete them. Once you have selected your messages, you can choose the following options in the 'Selected Messages' box at the bottom of the list: Move to Folder, Delete, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Download as XML, Download as CSV, and Download as TEXT.

You will sometimes need to delete old messages, as different membership levels have a certain fixed storage limit for messages ( If the number exceeds, you will not be able to send or receive new messages until the space is emptied by deleting old messages. If you would like to keep a record of messages before deleting them, you can use any of the 'Download as...’ options listed above to create a copy and store them on computer.

350Z 14th February 2012 04:14 PM

Re: Pictorial Guide on Using Private Messenger Facility
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The tracking option is used to confirm whether the message you sent has been read by recipient or not. This can be done by clicking “Request a read receipt for this message” tick box at the bottom most of the compose message screen (Step 3). You can now track the messages using “Track Messages” link on the left. It will display a list of read-receipt confirmations along with the time and date when the message was read by the recipient. However, note that the moderators and administrators have the ability to deny read-receipt confirmation.

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