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350Z 21st September 2011 04:13 PM

Using ‘Quote’ and ‘Multi Quote’ Function in a Thread
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The ‘Quote’ function is useful if you wish to respond to a specific or a set of specific posts. It is possible through the following methods:

Option One: Select ‘Quote’ button located on bottom right corner of a post.

Attachment 28705

Option Two: Hit ‘QR’ button and tick “Quote Message in Reply” checkbox. That's it. Your selected post will be automatically quoted when the response is submitted.

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350Z 21st September 2011 04:17 PM

Re: How To: Using Quote and Multi-Quote Feature
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More than one post can be quoted using ‘Multi Quote’ function. Just click ‘MQ’ button on all the posts that you wish to respond and hit ‘Post Reply’ button.

Multiquote button appears red for the posts which are selected for quote.

Attachment 28708

Hit the Post Reply button after selecting the required posts.

Attachment 28709

Now write your response and submit the post.

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Note: Do NOT submit back to back posts (in less than 30 minutes) to answer multiple posts. Make use of the Multi-Quote option instead.

350Z 17th December 2012 09:26 PM

Re: Quoting Single and Multiple Posts in a Thread
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Often a lot of members respond in bold text within the quote itself. It's NOT encouraged as it causes confusion to several readers. Appropriate method is:

Quote the entire post using ‘Quote’ button (Refer to Post #1 above).

Attachment 74771

Wrap each statement that you wish to quote with opening and closing quote tags (As highlighted).

Attachment 74772

Enter the response below each quoted statement. Submit the post and it’s done.

Attachment 74773

Tip: You can also simply use the Quote Tag button ( to wrap the text for quote.

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