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350Z 22nd August 2009 03:24 PM

Formal Membership Warning and Infraction System
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Formal warnings and infractions are issued to members who are found infringing the Forum Policies. A member is notified through an automatic private message in case he / she receives a warning or an infraction. The warnings serve as a quick reminder of the board protocol and signal a serious action approaching ahead in case the offense is repeated. On the other hand, infractions are issued against serious or repeated offenses. Both, warnings and infractions last for a period of 30 days. Unlike warnings, a member accumulates certain points with each infraction. Total 10 infractions points translate into an automatic ban for one month.

Following is a list of infraction points that are tied along with each offence:
  • SMS Slang / Dots: 3 Points
  • Posting in Language Except English: 3 Points
  • Back To Back Posts: 4 Points
  • Excessive One Liners: 4 Points
  • Hot linking Pictures: 4 Points
  • Provoking Disputes: 4 Points
  • Multiple User Accounts: 5 Points
  • Personal Attacks: 5 Points
  • Encouraging Illicit Activities: 5 Points
  • Spamming / Marketing: 6 Points
  • Using Foul Language: 7 Points
  • Copyright Violation: 9 Points
  • Posting Explicit Content: 9 Points

Explanation of 'infraction' field on user profile

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0 denotes active warnings.

2 denotes active infractions.

8 denotes total infraction points.

  • The 'infraction points' on under user avatar on posts disappear automatically once the warning / infraction expires.
  • A member could be banned directly without prior warning / infraction based on the severity or recurrence of the offense.
  • Please spend a moment to visit protocol to avoid any inconvenience. Your cooperation will go a long way to maintain the quality of The Automotive India.
Drive Safe,

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