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Prabhagar 6th October 2017 11:27 AM

Re: HID Xenons Headlamps - Discussions and Queries
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Originally Posted by AbhisekVerma (Post 550322)
I think yes it uses H4 bulb but have to check the manual (not 100% sure as I have poor knowledge especially in the light section, never replaced in our i10).


Originally Posted by bhvm (Post 550324)
Verify the bulb from manual once.
Then go here-

Headlight spec is H4 and stock bulb is OSRAM BILUX 60/55W. I started with some reading on this back in June but did not proceed further. For my limited night driving. stock bulbs felt sufficient. This is more of a plug and play setup so I do not see warranty void in this case, besides most TASC are lenient enough in such cases unless a lot of wiring has been added/modified.

I had shortlisted the below bulb set (chose 4300K / H4) from Aliexpress after going thru the thread shared by bhvm:

Stock bulb spec:
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