Vibhor Tyagi


Forum Handle: 350Z  ||  Location: New Delhi  ||  Favourite Car: Nissan 350Z

Born on Christmas in New Delhi, Vibhor Tyagi is a young entrepreneur with a hardwired passion for automobiles. Having achieved the state of cosmic consciousness, he’s also one of the privileged few enlightened persons on this planet. With his continuously expanding knowledge of 20+ subjects including Spiritual, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Human Behavior etc. Vibhor is a man on mission. He’s mentored by world-renowned human behavior specialist, Dr.John Demartini.

His primary inspiration for starting an automotive organization such as this was not only limited to collaborate with people of same fraternity, but also with a purpose to support anyone who needs any help on this topic as well as to spread across the word of road safety in India. Nissan 350Z is one of his all-time favorite cars and that’s why Vibhor is popularly known by this name on our forums. Apart from automobiles, he also has a keen interest in aviation and wildlife, while creating 3D paper car replicas continues to be his prime hobby from childhood.

“I am really proud to see that the seed that we sown through consistent hard efforts day and night has now developed into a full-grown tree. Unquestionably, it will be one of the happiest moments of my life when maximum people will enjoy having its fruit in form of crystal clear information. The best part is, we’re every day only getting closer to it.” says Vibhor.

He further adds, “I must thank our forum members / moderators for an unshakable support in this journey. The Automotive India would not have been the same without them. Moderators always ensure that the atmosphere of our forum remains warm and welcoming by retaining a professional and friendly approach. All our reviews assure that you are familiarized with the actual facts. Be it in case of a road test or just an automotive event in town because at the end of the day, The Automotive India has to be driven by its members and visitors rather than the moderators alone.”

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