Akash Gaur


Forum Handle: Akash ||  Location: New Jersey ||  Favourite Car: Lamborghini Huracán

Akash Gaur is among the long-term members of The Automotive India. Fascinated by the vibrant and friendly environment, he impromptu decided to join this community back in 2009 when it was still building up. He quickly earned the respect of fellow members for his immense active contribution in the forum not only in terms of helpful postings but also by assisting the team members through high value-adding suggestions. Not surprisingly, Akash was soon promoted as the forum moderator and thereafter handled with the great responsibility of the official road test manager. In his new role, he was responsible for arranging and thoroughly testing newly launched cars and bikes in the market exclusively for The Automotive India. His reviews are still counted as the most authoritative and referred by several thousand readers.

Akash grew up watching his dad’s love for his Premier Padmini which he cherished and drove with pride for 8 long years. His love for car is not limited to just one car. Like a true auto freak he loves all the cars equally, which is why he dreams to own a collection of exotic cars. Apart from being a hard core petrolhead, Akash finds solace in reading and learning about aircrafts. He wishes to get a flying license someday! In 2013, he took a brief sabbatical from The Automotive India to pursue his career as well as higher studies in the field of information systems after shifting to the United States of America. Although originally from Agra and residence in Nagpur, Akash is now situated in New Jersey, USA, also fulfilling his dream of driving some of the most exotic cars on this planet.

Akash comments “Back in 2009, I stumbled upon this newly built forum. I recall, we had just a couple of members. The number didnt even exceed 10-12 when I registered myself. However, even then it felt lively and in just a couple of months, we had a whole bunch of autoheads onboard. I have never found the pace of this forum slow. This is a home way from home for me, and I mean that. It’s not just a responsibility, but a pride to be a part of this forum. The eagerness of each and every team member to help this forum grow in all respects is something which has and will be the strength of TAI.”

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