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Welcome to The Automotive India. The most authoritative, unbiased and completely autonomous community of like-minded people that aims to provide a comprehensive and quality repertoire of all matters automotive in the most professional, user-friendly and enjoyable online atmosphere. We pride ourselves as being the friendliest and most accessible automobile forum in the country that has an enviable and consistently expanding qualitative database covering multifarious aspects of the worldwide automotive scenario with special emphasis towards the Indian auto milieu.

We provide professionally conducted road test reports of cars and motorcycles, passionately worded ownership reviews of all types of automobiles, expert advice to prospective automobile buyers, technical guidance on maintaining, servicing, and modifying one’s vehicle, eye-opening travelogues to exotic destinations and much, much more. Our continuously expanding membership spans all regions of the country and overseas and is singularly instrumental in contributing quality automotive content to our ever expanding database. We have a handpicked team of full time, seasoned, passionate, and devoted moderators who ensure that only the best and most refined content gets sifted down to our servers.

Since the year of its founding, The Automotive India has gone from strength to strength and achieved unprecedented milestones in our single-minded focus to provide an automobile haven par-excellence for experts and novices alike. Passion is and shall remain the bedrock of all our endeavors as we race ahead to set new benchmarks in the Indian automotive industry and continuously raise the standards of online automotive journalism.


The Automotive India has believed in professionalism since day one. We’re still proud to stand by this objective after several years of starting. Our primary vision is to become the leading resource of information for the Indian automotive industry and provide a valuable multi-channel platform to our esteemed visitors where they can not only learn but also interact by sharing and discussing with millions of people across the borders. Furthermore, The Automotive India aims to:

  • Strongly encourage road safety and driving sense
  • Provide crystal clear and comprehensive yet precise information
  • Bring likeminded people together and cultivate a friendly environment
  • Provide automotive industry an idea about the expectations of consumers


  • The Automotive India was born as an online blog with domain
  • The forum was formally established on a free forum platform and launched on 25th November 2008.
  • The official tagline ‘Fuel For Petrol Heads’ conceived after recommendations of the forum members.
  • The Automotive India conducted Road Safety Week which was also acknowledged by other online media.
  • In 2009, the forum migrated to an entirely premium platform and had to sacrifice a significant amount of data.
  • It was now hosted on a dedicated server located in the state-of-the-art data center in the United States.
  • This development was titled as NGTAI (New Generation of The Automotive India).

  • The Automotive India merchandise launched with the release of TAI bumper stickers.
  • The forum formed into a proper website with release of a cover page on the main domain.
  • In 2011, the dated website layout was replaced with a refreshing new design.
  • An all new logo (with steering wheel in place of ‘T’) was introduced as well.
  • The Automotive India was honored with the ‘Best Indian Automotive Website’ award by MetrixLab.

  • The server specifications were upgraded to handle the ever increasing amount of traffic.
  • We undertook a unique endurance run by driving Ford Fiesta from Mumbai – Bangalore in 14 hours.
  • An-all new classifieds section was released, offering free ad listings to dealers and individuals.
  • New features such as dedicated free mobile applications were launched based on members’ feedback.

  • The Automotive India was again the ‘Best Website of the Year’ nominee.
  • We became the first ever Indian online publication to hand over an actual ‘Car of the Year’ trophy to the winner.
  • We undertook first international assignment by exhaustively covering Hyundai Headquarters, South Korea.
  • All-new website released in 2014 along with set of fresh merchandise. This development is titled as NGTAI v2.
  • Our new layout features accurate specifications of both, cars and bikes. Yet another first in Indian online media.


What started as a personal website has today become a home of thousands of enthusiasts and industry experts alike. The Automotive India began as an online blog by New Delhi based entrepreneur, Vibhor Tyagi with the sole aim of connecting automobile enthusiasts together in a unique manner which led him to create a personal website on Blogger named “” in 2008.

However, the concept of forums always fascinated him. A few months later, on November 25th, 2008 while surfing the internet, he stumbled upon a random website with a tiny link on its footer pointing to ‘create a forum’. Little did he know that a single click was going to bring an everlasting evolution to his life. The forum was fully setup by late night and titled similar to his blog, The Automotive India. This title clearly depicts our focus: A forum that particularly deals with automotive matters catering specially to the Indian scenario.

From our humble beginnings in November 2008, we have consistently, passionately and fervently tried to reinforce our core values with each thread, each post, and each moderation task posted / performed on the forum and this has contributed to our exponential growth; with automobile manufacturers and enthusiasts acknowledging our efforts in equal measures.

Today we stand tall as a community of over 23,000 members with a database spanning 5,00,000+ posts that serves millions of visitors from all over the world. Do check out our testimonials section to know what people have to say about this close-knit family that we call The Automotive India. Keep those valuable suggestions, constructive criticism, and development ideas coming. We are revving and we are listening.

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